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Chocolate vs. kisses 巧克力大戰熱吻


Best of both worlds? Hershey's Chocolate Kisses at Hershey's Chocolate World, March 2006. 在巧克力世界與現實世界都最優質?今年三月,在賀喜巧克力世界所拍攝的賀喜之吻巧克力。


British researchers have said they were stunned to discover that people get more of a buzz from eating chocolate than passionately kissing their lovers.

"These results really surprised and intrigued us," said psychologist David Lewis, who led a study that recorded brain activity and heart rate from volunteers who tasted pieces of dark chocolate or kissed their partners.

"There is no doubt that chocolate beats kissing hands down when it comes to providing a long-lasting body and brain buzz — a buzz that, in many cases, lasted four times as long as the most passionate kiss."

While researchers expected chocolate, especially dark chocolate, to raise heart rates, he said, "both the length of this increase together with the powerful effects it had on the mind were something none of us had anticipated."

The 12 volunteers, all aged in their 20s, wore heart monitors and had electrodes attached to their heads as each placed a piece of dark chocolate on the tongue and, without chewing, indicated when it started to melt.

Couples were later invited to kiss each other in the same way as they would do normally.

The study found that — at the point chocolate melts in the mouth — all areas of the brain are stimulated far more intensely and for longer than from kissing.

Chocolate also made the heart beat faster, according to the study supervised by Lewis, formerly a University of Sussex psychologist who now runs a private research company called The Mind Lab.

Some people saw the number of heart beats per minute rise from a resting rate of about 60 to as high as 140. Kissing also made the couples' hearts pound, but not for as long.

Both sexes showed the same responses in the tests. (afp)

Today's Words 今日單字

1. intrigue v.t.

激發‥‥的興趣 (ji1 fa1... de5 xing4 qu4)

例: The pattern and texture of the fabric intrigued him.


2. anticipate v.i. /v.t.

預料 (yu4 liao4)

例: We are anticipating rain on Thursday.


3. electrode n.

電極 (dian4 ji2)

例: Sally was hooked up to electrodes to monitor her heart rate.


4. pound v.t.

怦怦跳 (peng1 peng1 tiao4),重擊 (zhong4 ji2)

例: David heard his little brother pound down the stairs.











測驗時,男女兩性的反應雷同。 (法新社/翻譯︰賴美君)


buzz 愉悅

In the article buzz is used to describe an elated feeling. Buzz also has other uses in English. If you ask somebody, "What's the buzz?" then you want to know what the latest news and gossip is. Buzz can also be used to describe making a phone call. "When I find out what time the show starts I'll give you a buzz." It can also be used to describe the button and action of a door intercom system. "When you get here just press the buzzer and I'll buzz you up."

If you want someone to go away you could say "buzz off." Remember, this should only be used with friends or children.

在本文中,「buzz」是用來描述一種興高采烈的感覺。「buzz」在英文中還有別的意思。假如你問某人「what's the buzz?」,你希望得知最新的消息與八卦。「buzz」也可以意指一通電話。例如︰「等我得知那場秀開演的時間,就會致電給你」。「buzz」也可以用來描述大門對講機的按鍵與動作,如︰「等你到了,只要按門鈴(buzzer),我就會開門讓你上來」。

假如你希望某人離開,你就可以說「buzz off」。但要記住,這用法只能用在朋友或孩子身上。


Claire: Did you read about that study about chocolate and kissing?

Matt: I sure did. I'm not sure I believe them though.

Claire: Why ever not?

Matt: Well, I'm pretty confident that my kissing is A1!

Claire: Yes, dear. Now, do you think you could pick me up a nice bar of chocolate when you go down to the shop?

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