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Prisoners feel endangered -- by mosquitos 蚊子威脅囚犯性命

This file photo taken Nov. 15, 2006 shows a mosquito like the ones biting prisoners in Colorado, USA. 這張檔案照片攝於二OO六年十一月十五日,在美國科羅拉多州的監獄叮囚犯的蚊子就像照片這種。


Three prisoners in Colorado say their lives are in danger — thanks to mosquitoes.

The prisoners at Walsenburg and Limon prisons sued, saying they could be infected with West Nile virus or other diseases after being bitten many times by mosquitoes.

They also were always scared that each mosquito bite could be the one that would make them either very sick or even kill them.

Stephen G. Glover, Alan Smith and Michael Freeman said the bites caused high fever, headache, neck stiffness and muscle weakness.

"Each attack constituted bodily injury, which the [prisons] had the power to prevent" but decided not to, the prisoners said. The three men are acting as their own lawyers.

But two courts have already decided to throw out their case.

Prison officials said no positive cases of West Nile virus have ever been found among the prisoners, and everyone is given mosquito repellant.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AP)










1. prisoner n.

囚犯 (qiu2 fan4)

例: When the police put me in jail, I knew I had to get used to life as a prisoner.


2. infect v.t.

感染 (gan2 ran3)

例: When you are sick, don't go to school to avoid infecting your classmates.


3. lawyer n.

律師 (lu4 shi1)

例: If someone sues you, you should hire a lawyer. (若有人告你,你就該請律師。)

4. repellent n.

驅蟲劑 (qu1 chong2 ji4)

例: Put on mosquito repellent so they don't bite you.


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