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The Adventures of Kathleen the Great and Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳與害羞馬克歷險記

By Jason Cox  /  STAFF WRITER

Meet Kathleen the mouse and Mark the elephant. Kathleen is very brave and likes adventure, but Mark is very shy and scared of many things. But friends stay together, so Mark follows Kathleen wherever she goes. Sometimes they get into some very sticky situations.


Tachi 打太極拳

One evening, Mark and Kathleen were eating at Kathleen's house.

"This squid is delicious," Mark said as he placed more in his bowl of rice. "And the soup is also fantastic. Thanks for dinner."

"No problem," replied Kathleen. "You've been cooking so much lately, it was only fair for me to cook today."

"So tomorrow," Mark asked as he took some spinach," would you like to practice taichi early?"

"Sure!" Kathleen said. "Does 6am sound like a good time to meet?"

"Sounds perfect to me!" Mark exclaimed.

The next morning, Mark and Kathleen met at the park on time, even though Kathleen looked a little groggy. They quietly moved to the back of the group of people practicing taichi.

An old man standing next to them glanced over. "You're new here," he said.

"Yes, we thought we'd come and try to learn the basics." Kathleen said. "Do you have some tips?"

"Yes, I do. Try this." The old man began to move his hands in circles. The hands moved faster and faster. After just 10 seconds, the old man had created a tornado with his hands. Mark and Kathleen were picked up in the tornado . . . . (Jason Cox, Staff Writer)








Today's Words 今日單字

1. taichi n.

太極拳 (tai4 ji2 quan2)

例: Practicing taichi can help your body in many ways.


2. groggy adj.

神志不清的 (shen2 zhi4 bu4 qing1 de5)

例: Since I only slept for three hours, I feel groggy today.


3. tip n.

秘訣(mi4 jue2),訣竅(jue2 qiao4)

例:I'm not sure how to play this game. Could you give me some tips?


4. tornado n.

龍捲風(long2 juan3 feng1)

例:The tornado swept through the neighborhood, ripping up houses.






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