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Australian Treasurer shares credit for babies 澳洲財政部長增產報國有功

An Austrialian official said that he was a major reason Austrialian people are having more children.

“Nobody has worked harder to improve birth rates than me,” Treasurer Peter Costello said during a television interview. He has three children of his own.

Australia was one of the few developed countries to see more people having children last year.

Costello says his government's family-friendly ideas, including a bonus of more than 4,000 Australian dollars (NT$106,859) for each newborn baby, were a major reason why more people had babies last year. The birth rate went from 1.73 to 1.8 babies per woman, the highest in 13 years.

Costello announced the bonus in 2004 and asked Australians to “go home and do your patriotic duty tonight.” He said people should have at least three children. His goal is 2.1 babies per woman which would keep the number of people in Australia the same.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AP)











Today's Words 今日單字

1. birth rate n.

出生率 (chu1 sheng1 lu4)

例: The birth rate has been falling for several years.


2. treasurer n.

會計 (kuai4 ji4)

例: We elected a class treasurer to control our funds.


3. developed adj.

發達的 (fa1 da2 de5)

例: The city center is already developed, but we could build our apartments further away from here.


4. patriotic adj.

愛國的 (ai4 guo2 de5)

例: Singing the national anthem and saluting the flag are considered patriotic actions.


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