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Watch your step - there's dog poop around 狗屎滿地 走路小心

A dog walker on Fifth Avenue walks near New York's Central Park.
一名男子在紐約中央公園附近的第五大道散步溜狗。 (照片:法新社)


Reporter Alison Stewart of the Powell Tribune recently made a survey of 1.5 hectare Washington Park and revealed "at least 108 dog poop piles."

The city passed an ordinance in 1991 requiring owners to pick up after their dogs, but Stewart's on-the-ground reporting proves that some owners aren't paying attention.

Bill Fields, superintendent of the Powell Parks Department told Stewart he's frustrated by the situation. City officials are considering baggie dispensers, banning dogs from city parks, or possibly encouraging residents to turn in scofflaws.

Stewart said she lives a block from Washington Park and has been following the situation there for some time.

"I wrote an article a couple of years ago, so this was just following up," Stewart said. "It seems like it's about the same. I don't think Powell is any worse than any other place I've lived."

Stewart said she enlisted a friend to help with the survey, dividing the park in half and then dividing it into squares. "I would just take like a 10-yard (9.1m) section, and then count everything in just like a 5-yard (4.5m) section. It's rough, though," Stewart said.

Stewart reports that Powell law enforcement is taking the situation seriously but has found it hard to collar any offenders.

The law is difficult to enforce unless you have a witness who will testify, Powell Police Chief Tim Feathers told Stewart.

City Attorney Sandee Kitchen said in order for the city to prosecute, it would have to identify the person and dog and know the time and date of the offense.

Until then, Powell residents will just have to watch their step.(AP)


Today's Words 今天單字

1. ordinance n.

法令 (fa3 ling4),條例 (tiao2 li4)

例: The city passed an ordinance to limit noise pollution.


2. section n.

區域 (qu1 yu4)

例: The report about Wang Chien-min is in the sports section of the newspaper.


3. collar v.t.

逮捕 (dai4 bu3)

例: The police haven't had any luck in collaring the thief yet.


4. witness n.

目擊者 (mu4 ji2 zhe3)

例: The prosecutor protected the witnesses during the Mafia leader's trial.











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