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It smells like the police 聞起來像警察

Ahmadabad policemen control a crowd of protesters, Sept. 18, 2006.
去年9月18日,亞瑪達巴德警方控制抗議群眾的場面。 (照片:美聯社)


Soothing rose or tangy lemon? People in the Indian city of Ahmadabad will notice these two smells whenever they get close to a police officer's new uniform!

The uniforms aren't finished yet, but they should be done by the end of the year.

The Ahmadabad police department is making 8,000 new uniforms for their police officers. A team of clothing designers is helping them make the uniforms.

They will be made very lightweight so that the police sweat less. And they will also smell like either rose or lemon.

J. Mahapatra, the city's head policeman, said that by December, people will see a "new fresh look" when they run into or talk with a police officer.

Ahmadabad is nearly 30°C for half the year. Its policemen can spend as many as eight hours a day outdoors. The ones that direct traffic are outside the longest. The old uniforms could sometimes smell after a day like that.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AP)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. tangy adj.

香氣撲鼻的 (xiang1 qi4 pu1 bi2 de5)

例: I like the tangy taste of fresh green apples.


2. designer n.

設計師 (she4 ji4 shi1)

例: Ralph Lauren is my favorite clothing designer, though I also like Tommy Hilfiger.

(Ralph Lauren是我最愛的服裝設計師,不過我也喜歡Tommy Hilfiger。)

3. direct v.i. /v.t.

指點 (zhi2 dian3),指揮 (zhi3 hui1)

例: The nurse directed the family to the patient's room.


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