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A gem of a find! 尋獲至寶

Jim Gatliff holds the diamond he found next to a quarter, Feb. 6, 2007. The diamond weighs 2.67 carats.
今年2月6日,吉姆•加特里夫手拿找到的鑽石和一枚二十五分硬幣。這枚鑽石重達2.67克拉。 (照片:美聯社)


A couple of eight-year-old twin boys have found a 2.50 carat raw diamond that could be worth thousands of dollars, according to the director of a state park in the southern US state of Arkansas.

"They thought it was a piece of mica. When they learned it was a diamond, there were many 'woo hoos' and high-fives exchanged," said Rachel Engrecht of the Crater of Diamonds State park.

When you search for diamonds or gold, it is called prospecting.

She said the children found the 2.50 carat diamond during a weekend in the park, where visitors are encouraged to prospect for the precious stones.

Another park official, Bill Henderson said that the gem could be worth several thousands of dollars.

Henderson said the stone, which is named the "Duncan Twins Diamond" after the young boys who found it, has a sparkling metallic look and is "almost heart shaped."

People quite often find diamonds in the Crater of Diamonds State park. The one in the photo was found on Feb. 5 2007 and was the 40th to be found in 2007. It weighs a little more than the Duncan twins diamond.

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer with AFP)









Today's Words 今天單字

1. carat adj.

克拉 (ke4 la1)

例: A one carat diamond usually costs less than a two carat diamond .


2. mica n.

雲母 (yun2 mu3)

例: My sister's ring doesn't have a real diamond. It's mica, but still very pretty!


3. crater n.

坑洞 (keng1 dong4)

例: There was a big crater where the comet landed.


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