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April fool! 四月愚人!

New York Yankees Doug Mientkiewicz realizes he is a victim of a practical joke. Mientkiewicz and teammate Brett Gardner started a base running drill only to discover the rest of the team had left for the clubhouse. Feb. 28, 2007.


April 1 is a special day in England, France and America. Most people call it April Fools' Day.

April Fools' Day is a day where it is okay to play tricks on your friends and family.

The jokes and tricks are harmless. For example, you may ask someone to find something for you that doesn't exist, like a left-handed screwdriver. Perhaps a teacher will ask someone to go and get a long weight from another teacher (a long wait).

A very famous April Fools' trick was a program shown by the BBC in England. It was 1957 and TV was very new. There was only one channelin England, the BBC. On April 1, many people watched a documentary about a town in Switzerland. The BBC showed the people from the town harvesting spaghetti from trees and leaving it to dry in the sun. Spaghetti was also new in England so some people were confused and others excited. Lots of people called the BBC to ask if it was true. Some even asked how they could grow their own spaghetti tree!

Later, David Wheeler, the producer, said he was glad they had made the program. "I think it was a good idea for people to be aware they couldn't believe everything they saw on the television."

(Catherine Thomas,staff writer)





師可以要某個人去向其他老師「get a long weight(拿長的砝碼)」(和「a long wait(漫長等待)」同音)。






Today's Words 今天單字

1. fool n.

傻瓜 (sha3 gua1)

例: You've left your icicle lying in the sunshine, you fool!


2. harmless adj.

無害的 (wu2 hai4 de5)

例: Many snakes and spiders are harmless.


3. harvest v.t.

收割 (shou1 ge1)

例: Rice is harvested in the fall.


4. spaghetti n.

義大利麵條 (yi4 da4 li4 mian4 tiao2)

例: I really like spaghetti with meat sauce.


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