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Something to chew on 磨乳牙

Do you have a little brother or sister? Do you remember when they got their first teeth?

When a baby's teeth start to come in, you are sure to hear the baby cry a lot more. That's because the new teeth coming through the gums make the baby uncomfortable.

Babies who have started teething should be given something to bite, such as carrots or bread crusts.

Something to chew on will make him or her more comfortable, said a group of pharmacists in Germany.

It said parents should take care that the child does not swallow anything, however.

Parents can use plastic teething rings too. They last a long time, are durable and can be reused. Those plastic rings shouldn't have anything added to make them softer, the pharmacists added.

A natural alternative is orris root, which must be regularly boiled in water to kill any germs.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with DPA)








Today's Words 今日單字

1. pharmacist n.

藥劑師 (yao4 ji4 shi1)

例: When I got sick, I asked the pharmacist what medicine I should take.


2. durable adj.

耐用的 (nai4 yong4 de5)

例: This washing machine is very durable. You'd have to drop a piano on it to break it.


3. germ n.

細菌 (xi4 jun4)

例: Most germs get into your house on your shoes or hands.


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