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Thieving muppets caught out by their loot 無知小偷 自露馬腳

Have you ever seen a global positioning system (GPS) receiver in a car or taxi?

GPS helps drivers to find their way, a bit like a talking map. The system works by using satellites to find out where the GPS receiver, and the car it is in, is.

Thieves who stole GPS receivers from a warehouse in New York state were caught after police turned on the tracking devices to find out where they were!

The 14 GPS receivers were stolen from a warehouse in Babylon, New York. The town had planned to use them to track its vehicles.

Police and city staff said they turned the GPS receivers on by remote control and were led to the home of one of the culprits who was found fiddling with one of them.

“The GPS device is quite [useful] when we are looking for something. Within 48 hours, we had the [people] under arrest for this [crime],” said Inspector Robert Casagne.

The thieves believed they had stolen cell phones and planned to sell them, he said.

 (Catherine Thomas , staff writer with AFP)









Today's Word 今日單字

1. global adj.

全球的 (quan2 qiu2 de5)

例: Global warming is a worry for all of us.


2. position v.t.

放在適當位置 (fang4 zai4 shi4 dang4 wei4 zhi4)

例: Sally positioned her trophy on the mantlepiece.


3. satellite n.

衛星 (wei4 xing1)

例: Do you have satellite TV?


4. remote control n.

遙控器 (yao2 kong4 qi4)

例: Has anyone seen the remote control for the air conditioner?


5. culprit n.

罪犯 (zui4 fan4)

例: The headmaster caught and punished the culprits of Friday's practical joke in class.


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