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Have a happy New Year! 過個快樂年

Actress Rachel Weisz, left, shares a laugh with comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica Seinfeld, right, at the showing of the Narciso Rodriguez fall 2007 collection, Feb. 6, 2007.
2月6日在設計師Narciso Rodriguez的秋季時裝展中,女星瑞秋•懷茲 (左) 與喜劇演員傑瑞•塞菲爾及其妻潔西卡 (右) 一同開懷大笑。 (照片:美聯社)


Do you consider the New Year to be a critical time for a fresh start?

Psychologists believe that a positive attitude and a healthy body are related. Research in the July 2003 issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine points out that people who think positively get sick less than those who are depressed or suffer from anxiety.

Psychologists have a few suggestions for your New Year:

Think positively. Don't let negative feelings linger for too long, and make a list of things that make you feel happy to shift your focus. When you face a difficult situation, you should adopt a plan to solve your problem and face the challenge with a positive attitude.

Set an exercise schedule. Exercise can increase your vigor and increase your ability to think positively.

Reduce your stress. Understand the sources of your stress, and when appropriate, get that anxiety off your chest. Don't always bottle it up inside.

Improve the quality of your sleep. Lack of sleep can lower the response of your immune system and increase the chances of you falling ill. It also makes it easier for you to feel uncomfortable or anxious, slows down your response time and influences your relationships with others and work performance.

Eat healthily. A good way to do this is to eat breakfast every day and eat more vegetables.

It's never too late to break bad habits. Start now and enjoy a great New Year! (Translated by Jason Cox)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. critical adj.

關鍵性的 (guan1 jian4 xing4 de5)

例: Securing support from the community is critical to the success of the plan.


2. psychosomatic adj.

身心的 (shen1 xin1 de5)

例: Zoe suffers from a psychsomatic disorder.


3. linger v.i.

徘徊 (pai2 huai2)

例: Don't linger around on your way home from school!


4. immune adj.

免疫的 (mian3 yi4 de5)

例: Superbugs attack the body's immune system.



破除危害健康的惡習永不嫌晚,就從現在開始過個快樂年吧! (賴美君編撰)

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