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Write in: Lunar New Year - American Middle School style 美國中學生 歡慶農曆年

In my community, Lunar New Year has become a culturally-infused idea in the many ethnicities of society. Friends of mine of all races join in on certain festivities of the holiday due to its desirous traditions.

When you first enter the schoolyard at my middle school near Lunar New Year, you can hear numerous Chinese-speakers repeating to non-Chinese speakers over and over again, the phrase "gong xi fa cai. Hong bao na lai." You can hardly hold back a laugh at this.

Shouts of "red envelopes" ring through the air as some run amok begging for money hidden within the envelopes. My conclusion is that their concept is: "anything, anytime, any reason for money." It's a quick and easy way to earn a few dollars at school.

For the remainder of the day, the subject of the Lunar New Year may be brought up in social studies classes or any class whose teacher believes in a fusion of culture.

We sometimes do art projects on subjects related to the holiday such as fireworks or lanterns. I remember once before, our school required us to make our own red envelopes with a slip of kind words in it to be traded throughout the class. Lunar New Year has been noted in many ways in my school-system; I wonder what surprises it will bring this year! (Joy Guey, Lincoln chinese school, California, USA )





我們有時會應景做些爆竹或燈籠等美勞作品。記得有一次,學校還要求我們自己做紅包,再寫祝福的話放在裡面,和同學互相交換。我們學校有許多慶祝農曆新年的方式。不知今年學校慶祝新年又會有何驚喜? (桂慶玲/美國加州林肯中文學校)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. infuse v.i. /v.t.

注入 (zhu4 ru4),灌輸 (guan4 shu1)

例: My first grade teacher infused a sense of self-worth in me.


2. desirous adj.

渴望的 (ke3 wang4 de5)

例: It was clear to the voters that the third candidate was merely desirous of high office.


3. amok adv.

狂亂地 (kuang2 luan4 di5)

例: In the absence of suitable supervision the children were running amok.


4. concept n.

概念 (gai4 nian4)

例: A wind turbine made of recycled tin cans is a nice concept, but a little tricky to put into practice.


5. fusion n.

融合 (rong2 he2)

例: The casserole was a fusion of French and Thai flavors.


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