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Write in: I love Taiwan 讀者分享: 我愛台灣

Lunar New Year here in Los Angeles is quite different from Lunar New Year in Taiwan. First off, most Asian families here celebrate the New Year with the same traditions. The children receive red envelopes with money inside and the family feasts together. My Chinese school has put up decorations with the theme of the New Year and we will soon have a small festival to celebrate the occasion.

My family and I usually return to Taiwan to celebrate. It's risky getting taken out of school, but it is a risk we're all willing to take. Taiwan is definitely more festive on the occasion than Los Angeles. We visit our more distant relatives that still reside in Taipei and enjoy the holiday with them.

In Los Angeles County, there is an Asian-American Expo that goes on every year for three days. It's almost like the Taiwanese night markets but the feeling is a lot different. There are hundreds of booths in large buildings selling everything, from Koi fish to imitation Pradas, to contracts with insurance companies. In the middle of each building is a stage and people of all ethnic backgrounds perform dances and songs of their own culture. It's always packed with people and full of excitement. You never know what you may find at the next booth.

I myself prefer the festivities of Taiwan. Here in California, the New Year's dinner and the Asian-American Expo are the main events that occur. In Taipei, the city is bustling with movement, preparing itself for the holiday. I love being part of the excitement and getting caught up in its joyous rhythm. (JOSEPHINE LIU/LINCOLN CHINESE SCHOOL, CALIFORNIA, USA)


Today's Words 今日單字

1. risky adj.

冒險的 (mao4 xian3 de5)

例: Booking ourselves on the last train out is risky, but it gives us a whole extra afternoon for sightseeing.


2. festive adj.

歡樂的 (huan1 le4 de5)

例: I love the festive feel to the air at the annual Lunar New Year market.


3. bustling adj.

熙攘的 (xi1 rang3 de5)

例: London is famous for its bustling streets.






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