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Italians make new rules for soccer fans 義大利足球迷 有新規範

An Italian hooligan throws a flare during a fight at Rome's Olympic stadium, Jan. 15, 2006.去年一月十五日義大利羅馬的奧林匹克體育場發生暴動,一名足球流氓投擲火把。(照片:美聯社)


Soccer fans tend to be crazy about their team. But some of those fans cross a line and act violently.

On Feb. 2, a huge fight broke out during an Italian soccer match in Sicily. One police officer was killed in the fighting.

The Italian government has decided to take steps to keep violent fans out of Italian stadiums.

Teams will only be able to sell tickets to individuals, not groups, and suspected hooligans may be held by police even if they haven't done anything wrong yet.

Teams that do not follow the new rules will not be able to allow fans into the stadium. That means they would play games with nobody in the stadium.

That would hurt a team's morale and finances, so all teams are likely to accept the new rule quickly.

Sports Minister Giovanna Melandri also said the fan mentality must change, and opponents should not be enemies.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AP)









Today's Words 今日單字

1. violently adj.

暴力,地 (bao4 li4 di5)

例: My brother is so sweet. He would not behave violently in class.


2. hooligan n.

流氓 (liu2 mang2),暴民 (bao4 min2)

例: A bunch of scary hooligans hang out near that park.


3. morale n.

士氣 (shi4 qi4)

例: We are having a big dinner for the army today to keep morale high.


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