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Don't have a cow! 還是別養牛

Police have written more than US$2,000 (NT$65,980) worth of fines to an 85-year-old farmer, Hiram Wilburn, about his cows.

The cows have escaped his farm through a hole in his fence at least 70 times since early December.

The one-tonne (1,000kg), long-haired beasts have been blamed for at least three accidents. People who live in the town say the animals eat gardens and lawns — and are scary to have around.

``They're huge — those horns — you don't know if they're going to attack or what they're going to do,'' said Sharri Matronic, adding that the cows have destroyed a wall in her yard and eaten her plants.

One of the cows even visited the police! Police Officer Rich Michelsen was working when one of the Scottish Highland longhorns came to the police station.

Officer Michelsen got into his cruiser, turned on the flashing lights and guided the cow home! 

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer with AP)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. fine n.

罰金 (fa2 jin1)

例: If you drive too fast, you may have to pay a fine.


2. beast n.

龐大的動物 (pang2 da4 de5 dong4 wu4)

例: The lion is a scarey beast.


3. horn n.

角 (jiao3)

例: Goats, rhinos and cows all have horns.


4. cruiser n.

巡邏車 (xun2 luo2 che1)

例: Police in the countryside often drive cruisers.


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