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A danger to dog and man 狗狗危險,民眾小心

Police catch stray dogs in Nanjing, China. The dogs are considered dangerous because some carry rabies and may bite people.
中國南京的警察捕捉流浪狗。這些狗很危險,因為有些感染狂犬病,可能會咬人。 (照片:美聯社)


Thieves poisoned more than 100 pet dogs in a southern Chinese village over the past few months and likely sold them to restaurants, a village official said on Jan. 30.

The thieves fed the dogs poisoned noodles and later collected their bodies in the southern Guangdong province village of Taian.

"The thieves come around midnight on bicycles," the official said. "They roam around the village and feed the dogs with poisonous rice noodles," he added.

It was not clear what kind of poison was used.

"They only steal the bigger dogs, so the next morning we can see the smaller dead dogs on the streets," he said.

"A live dog can be sold for about 300 Chinese yuan (NT$1,200), but some cheap restaurants would also buy dead dogs," the Yangcheng Evening News quoted one dog owner as saying.

A health official, whose surname is Shi, said no one has been arrested for the poisoning.(AP)









Today's Words 今天單字

1. poison v.t.

下毒 (xia4 du2)

例: The farmer poisoned the coyotes.


2. collect v.i. /v.t.

領取 (ling2 qu3)

例: Please collect your jackets on your way out.


3. roam v.t.

漫步 (man4 bu4)

例: I roamed all around town and still couldn't find a good dress.


4. surname n.

姓氏 (xing4 shi4)

例: My surname is Smith, and my first name is Will.


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