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Take a walk on the suburban side 郊外走走

The tranquilised leopard looks out from a cage in Vadodara, India, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007.
2007年1月7日星期日在印度瓦多達拉市,這隻被施以鎮靜劑的花豹從籠子裡向外看。 (照片:法新社)


A leopard loped into the bathroom of a home in western India on Sunday. The scene attracted thousands of curious onlookers for hours before it was captured.

The leopard strolled around a neighbourhood in western Vadodara city for a few hours before settling down in the bathroom of the Sukhadia family, the Times of India said.

"As soon as the maid alerted us, we closed all doors and windows. But it entered the bathroom ... at the back of our house," house-owner Dhiren Sukhadia told the newspaper.

Thousands of people gathered at the house as forest officials and activists tried to entice the animal out into a cage trap at the bathroom door. But the leopard stayed put.

Police felt that the noise being made by the onlookers wasn't helping.

The animal was finally given special drugs to make it calm before being taken away.(AFP)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. lope v.i. /v.t.

大步慢跑 (da4 bu4 man4 pao3)

例: The dog loped along ahead of the wagon.


2. stroll v.i. /v.t.

散步 (san4 bu4)

例: Zoe strolled down the pier.


3. activist n.

倡議人士 (chang1 yi4 ren2 shi4)

例: Animal activists campaign for animal rights.


4. entice v.t.

慫恿 (song2 yong3)

例: Dan tried to entice Winnie along to the dance.


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