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Taiwanese expertise to help kids all over the world 台灣技術 幫助國際孩童

Katie Powell poses with a US$100 laptop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Dec. 21, 2006.
去年12月21日在美國麻州劍橋,凱蒂•鮑威爾與售價一百美元的筆記型電腦合影。 (照片:美聯社)


A Taiwanese company — Quanta Computer Inc — has been chosen to make a special type of laptop for kids. The laptop will hopefully cost just US$100.

The people behind the project hope that governments will buy the laptops and give them to kids in poor and remote parts of their countries. The laptop is different from ordinary laptops. First, it can get electricity by being wound up. One minute of winding up gives 10 minutes of use.

Second, it runs on special software called Linux. Linux is a free program that users make and share. Their icon is a friendly penguin.

Third, the laptop won't be able to save a lot of data as there is no hard drive. The laptop will be able to talk to other laptops nearby though!

The laptop can do nearly everything ordinary computers can do except store lots of data. The American organization behind the project — called One Laptop per Child — have spoken to Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Nigeria and Thailand about providing the laptops. It hopes the first ones can be sold early this year. (Catherine Thomas, staff writer)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. laptop n.

筆記型電腦 (bi3 ji4 xing2 dian4 nao3)

例: I sometimes use my Dad's laptop.

(我有時會用老爸的筆記型電腦。)2. remote adj.

遙遠的 (yao2 yuan3 de5)

例: I live in a very remote part of the world.

(我住在世界的偏遠地區。)3. wind up v. phr.

上發條 (shang4 fa1 tiao2),手搖(shou3 yao2)

例: Mark's watch had stopped, so he wound it up.

(馬克的手錶停了,所以他將它上發條。)4. hard drive n.

硬碟 (ying4 die2)

例: My computer's hard drive can store 150GB.


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