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What makes a man homeless 奈何為流浪漢?

Los Angeles police move in to arrest this homeless woman for sleeping on the sidewalk during the daytime.
洛杉磯警方逮捕這名大白天在人行道上睡覺的流浪婦人。 (照片:美聯社)


If you sleep on a park bench every night, are you homeless?

What if you have a bed and an apartment, but just prefer to sleep outside?

That's what judges in New York had to decide after a landlord wanted to kick out a tenant paying only US$104 for a Manhattan apartment.

New York has laws which keep rent stable even if land prices go up.

But if you live at a different house most of the time, the landlord can evict you and rent the apartment for more money.

TOA Construction Company tried to evict Michael Tsitsires, who was mentally ill.

TOA claimed that Tsitsires spent most of his time outside, lived in the park, was homeless and could be evicted.

The court said that Tsitsires was not homeless, still kept his clothes and other things at his apartment, and he spends time outside because of his emotional difficulties and couldn't be evicted.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AP)









Today's Words 今天單字

1. homeless n.

流浪的 (liu2 lang4 de5),無家可歸的 (wu2 jia1 ke3 gui1 de5)

例: You can do a lot to help the homeless like donate clothes and canned food.


2. stable adj.

穩定的 (wen3 ding4 de5)

例: Before you buy a house, you should have a stable job.


3. evict v.i. /v.t.

驅逐 (qu1 zhu2)

例: If you don't pay your rent, you will certainly be evicted.


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