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Globe trotting - Scotland 世界走透透:蘇格蘭

The celebration of Up Helly Aa, Jan. 31, 2006.
今年1月31日的蘇格蘭火祭慶典。 (照片:美聯社)


Scotland has a breathtaking landscape of rolling highlands and glens, vast lochs, legendary monsters, heather and castles, whiskey and golf ... Read on to find out more about one of the most famous areas of the world.


Scotland has a remarkable sporting heritage. The golf course at St Andrews, affectionately known the world over as the "home of golf," is one of the oldest in the world. The oldest national trophy in the world, The Scottish Cup, is awarded to the winning team in Association Football (soccer).

Scottish literature is also well known. The writer of Peter Pan, JM Barrie hails from Angus, Scotland. Irvine Welsh, a modern day Scottish writer, wrote Trainspotting, which was made into a highly successful movie. Robert Burns is Scotland's best loved poet, world-renowned for Auld Lang Syne.

Scotland is a land which enjoys its traditions, festivities (see tomorrows paper for a full description of their New Year celebrations) and legends. One legend is the Loch Ness Monster — a mysterious creature said to lurk in the bottom of Loch Ness (Scotland's largest freshwater lake).

Scotland has 790 islands, but only 90 are inhabited. One set, called the Shetlands, are described as the meeting place between Scotland and Norway. During their fire festival — the Up Helly Aa — a Viking ship is paraded through the streets and then set on fire, emulating the old funeral traditions of the Vikings.

Scotland's national dish is Haggis — sheep stomach stuffed with minced offal, spices, suet, and oatmeal and boiled for several hours. The haggis was an excellent way of preserving food naturally well before modern conveniences. The haggis is still well-loved today — Burns even wrote a poem about it!

About Scotland 國家概況

Size: 78,772 km2; about twice the size of Taiwan

Location: North of England, off the coast of Northwestern Europe.

Border: England

Capital: Edinburgh

Population: Around 5 million

Language: Scottish Gaelic (spoken by 1 percent of the population), Scots (spoken by 30 percent) and Scottish Standard English (spoken by nearly everyone)

Government: A constituent country of the United Kingdom, but with a devolved parliment

Currency: The British pound (GBP). £1 = NT$63. Three Scottish banks still issue their own notes, which are only officially valid within Scotland.









(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)


蘇格蘭文學也相當知名。《彼得潘》的作者 JM Barrie 就出生於蘇格蘭的安格斯。蘇格蘭現代作家Irvine Welsh 所著的《猜火車》,就被改拍為成功的賣座電影。Robert Burns 是蘇格蘭最備受愛戴的詩人,以詩作《懷念的往昔》享譽全球。



蘇格蘭一道傳統料理是羊肉雜碎布丁,也就是填滿碎內臟、香料、羊油、燕麥粥後蒸煮數小時的羊肚。在便利的現代生活之前,羊肉雜碎布丁是自然保存食物的極佳方式。羊肉雜碎布丁今日仍相當受到喜愛,詩人Burns甚至還寫了一首相關詩作! (翻譯:賴美君)

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