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The Adventuresof Kathleen the Greatand Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳雨害羞馬克歷險記

Christmas Gifts


Mark and Kathleen were sitting next to the fireplace and Christmas tree, having milk, cookies and eggnog.

"I'm so excited, Kathleen. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve," cried Mark. "I can't wait to eat ham, turkey and yams for dinner."

"Yes." Kathleen agreed. "I can't wait to see my mom and dad tomorrow. All my aunts and uncles will be there too!"

"Wait," Mark wondered out loud, "if we go home, that means ... I can't give you a present on Christmas!" Mark wanted to cry.

"Don't worry," said Kathleen. "We can trade gifts early, tonight."

Mark cheered up and smiled. "Oh boy! Early Christmas!" Mark and Kathleen got their presents from under the tree.

Mark and Kathleen both had big boxes to give each other.

"I'll open first," said Kathleen. She tore the wrapping paper off. "Cute! You knitted me a green and red Christmas sweater! Thanks!"

"You're welcome!" Mark said. He opened his gift to find ...

(Jason Cox, staff writer)












1. What will Mark NOT eat at Christmas dinner?

a. Turkey.

b. Yams.

c. Eggnog.

2. What did Mark make for Kathleen?

a. A Christmas tree.

b. Christmas cookies.

c. A Christmas sweater.


Write your own ending to the story! 寫下你的故事結局:

Idea 1: Mark's gift from Kathleen is also a knitted Christmas sweater! And it is also green and red! What does Mark think about the sweater? Do he and Kathleen think it is funny or scary that they made each other the same gift? When do they wear the Christmas sweaters together?

想法一: 馬克收到凱薩琳的禮物也是一件針織的聖誕毛衣!而且也是紅綠相間!馬克對毛衣有什麼看法?他跟凱薩琳覺得兩人為彼此製作相同的禮物,很有趣還是可怕?他們何時會一起穿聖誕毛衣?

Idea 2: Kathleen got Mark a lump of coal instead of a real gift! What does Mark think to himself? What does he say to Kathleen? Is Kathleen's gift real or just a joke? If it's a joke, what other gift did she get Mark?

想法二: 凱薩琳給馬克一大塊煤炭,而非真正的禮物!馬克的腦袋是怎麼想?他對凱薩琳說什麼?這是凱薩琳真正要給他的禮物,還是一個玩笑?如果只是一個玩笑,她要給馬克的另一個禮物是什麼?

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