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Christmas cheer in Germany 德國歡慶耶誕

The 572nd Christmas market in Dresden, Germany, 2006.
德國德勒斯登第五百七十二屆的耶誕市集。 (照片:美聯社)


This is a picture of a special Christmas market in Germany. At this time of year, Christmas markets selling special food and snacks are set up all over the country.

Gingerbread is very popular, and in some parts of Germany people even make special gingerbread houses. The whole family enjoys shopping in the markets and drinking traditional Christmas drinks. For the adults there is glow wine, and the kids drink a hot fruit juice version instead.

In Germany most of the Christmas celebrations take place on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24). The father plays with the children in one room while the mother sets up the Christmas tree in another. Only when the tree is ready are the kids allowed to see it. In fact, the Christmas tree tradition started in Germany.

Christmas Eve is also the day that families in Germany exchange Christmas gifts. They also have a holiday for the next two days as well. Just like Chinese New Year, Christmas is an important time that families celebrate together.

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)


薑餅相當受歡迎,德國有些地方的人民甚至還會製作獨樹一幟的薑餅屋。全家人開開心心地在市場購物,並暢飲傳統的耶誕飲料。成年人喝的是一種溫酒「glow wine」,孩童們喝的則是一種溫熱的果汁。


耶誕夜也是德國家庭彼此交換耶誕禮物的日子,接下來也有兩天的假期。正如華人的農曆新年一樣,耶誕樹也是家人歡聚的重要時刻。 (翻譯:賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. gingerbread n.

薑餅 (jiang1 bing3)

例: Have you read the story of the gingerbread man?


2. traditional adj.

傳統的 (chuan2 tong3 de5)

例: A roast goose is a part of the traditional German Christmas dinner.


3. exchange v.i. /v.t.

交換 (jiao1 huan4)

例: On Saturday, I am going to a used book exchange day.


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