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English and Wolves 英文中的狼

This gray wolf in northern Idaho doesn't seem camera shy!
北愛達荷州的這隻灰狼似乎不畏懼上鏡頭。 (照片:法新社)


Wolves are beautiful animals, and once lived all over North America, Europe, East Asia, and India. As humans used much of their land, wolves had fewer places to live.

Still, special phrases with the word "wolf" live in English even though humans rarely see wolves anymore. For example, when somebody calls for help, even when he or she is not really in trouble, we say that person likes to "cry wolf."

If somebody eats food like a cookie very fast, we think he looks like a wolf eating, and might say, "He really 'wolfed down' that cookie."

When somebody prefers to be alone and not around lots of people, we say he or she is a "lone wolf."

If someone wants to do something evil or mean, but he pretends he is nice or helpful, we say he is "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Can you think of other phrases with "wolf" in English or Chinese? (Jason Cox, Staff Writer)


即使人類愈來愈難看見狼,英文中有關狼的特殊片語仍流傳下來。例如,有人不是真的有麻煩卻求援時,我們可以說那個人喜歡「cry wolf」(喊狼來了)。

假如有人吃餅乾等食物時狼吞虎嚥,我們覺得他看起來有如一匹狼在吃東西,我們可以說︰「他實在wolfed down that cookie」。

某人偏愛特立獨行,不喜歡人群時,我們就可以說那個人是「a lone wolf」(獨行俠)。

假如有人想做壞事,但假裝自己人很好或熱心助人,我們可以說他是「a wolf in sheep's clothing」(披著羊皮的狼)。

你能想到中英文中與狼相關的其他片語嗎? (翻譯︰賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. phrase n.

片語 (pian4 yu3)

例: What does the phrase "eat your hat" mean?

(片語「eat your hat」是什麼意思?)

2. prefer v.t.

偏愛 (pian1 ai4)

例: I prefer bananas over apples.


3. pretend v.i. /v.t.

假裝 (jia3 zhuang1)

例: If you pretend you are warm, you might really feel warmer!


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