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Taiwan's special dog 台灣土狗

Taiwanese tu-gous.台灣土狗的照片。 (照片:記者王敏為攝)


Have you ever seen a tu-gou? A tu-gou is a dog which is native to Taiwan. Tu-gous traditionally lived with Taiwan's Aborigines. Tu-gous are normally black, golden or striped a bit like a tiger.

Tu-gous are very smart, learn quickly and are very loyal. They are very agile too. They can climb in the mountains and even climb some types of trees. They can jump very high as well.

Because of this, tu-gous are very good hunters. They can catch wild animals like boars and flying squirrels and even dangerous snakes.

Because tu-gous are smart and quick learners, they can also help earthquake rescue workers.

Tu-gous can be very friendly and gentle, but as with all dogs, if you want to play with a tu-gou you should always ask the owner first.

Tu-gous make great pets because they are very loyal, but you need to have a lot of space for a tu-gou. They need to be taken for walks three times a day and need a lot of attention because they are so smart.

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)






土狗忠心耿耿,很適合當寵物,不過你要給牠很多空間。牠們一天必須出去散步三次,由於牠們如此聰明,需要許多關注。 (翻譯:賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. native adj.

原住的 (yuan2 zhu4 de5)

例: Taiwan has 57 native species of butterflies.


2. agile adj.

敏捷的 (min3 jie2 de5)

例: Our cat is very agile. He can even get on top of high cupboards in our living room!


3. boar n.

野豬 (ye3 zhu1)

例: Wild boars eat fallen fruit.


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