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Do sperm donors have parental rights? 精子捐贈人是否具有親權?

Scientist Karim Nayernia's team successfully created mice from artificial sperm.科學家卡里姆•那爾尼亞的團隊成功地以人造精子孕育出老鼠。 (照片:歐新社)


Kansas' highest court will consider the constitutionality of a 1994 Kansas law that says a sperm donor has no parental rights unless he has a written agreement with the mother.

The case involves an unmarried woman who asked a friend to donate his sperm so she could have a child. He agreed, intending to act as the father for the twins conceived in September 2004.

But the two did not put anything in writing as required by law, and when the twins were born, she went to court to make sure she would be their sole parent.

Court records provide few details, listing the man only as DH, the woman as SH and the children as KCH and KMH.

The twins were born in May 2005. The woman went to court the next day, and a Shawnee County district judge concluded in December that DH had no parental rights, prompting the appeal.

"It's caused a great deal of anxiety," said Kurt James, a Topeka attorney representing the man. "He feels betrayed by her failure to live up to her bargain and betrayed by the loss of his children from the time of their birth."

SH contends she intended to be a single mother. She also wanted to know who was donating the sperm so that she would have information about the man's health history, should the babies have future medical problems, Susan Barker Andrews, a Topeka attorney representing her, wrote in her court brief.

Kansas and at least 15 other states, including California and Texas, say sperm donors do not have parental rights without a written agreement. (AP)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. constitutionality adj.

符合憲法 (fu2 he2 xian4 fa3)

例: The Court judged the constitutionality of the law on police searches.


2. sperm donor n.

精子捐贈人 (jing1 zi3 juan1 zeng4 ren2)

例: The rights and responsibilities of sperm donors are subject to debate.


3. conclude v.t.

斷定 (duan4 ding4)

例: I concluded that no cockroaches were in the room.


4. anxiety n.

焦慮 (jiao1 lV4)

例: Lots of extra homework can cause anxiety among students.






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