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Orangutans ready to go home 紅毛猩猩打道回府

Forty-eight orangutans smuggled into Thailand and who have been stuck in the country will be sent back to Indonesia this week.

Pornchai Pratumratanatan, chief of an animal shelter that has taken care of the orangutans for a few months, said that Indonesia will send a military plane to pick up the apes on Tuesday.

The orangutans, which had been smuggled into Thailand and were found in a private zoo, were supposed to be sent back on Sept. 23.

But the generals who now run Thailand refused to let a foreign military airplane land here at that time.

Before, 53 apes were supposed to be sent back, but an animal park in Chiang Mai borrowed five of them for a show and they were not ready to be sent back, Pornchai said. He said they would be sent to Indonesia later.

(Jason Cox, Staff writer with AP)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. orangutans n.

紅毛猩猩 (hong2 mao2 xing1 xing1)

例: Orangutans look like short, red-haired people with super long arms and round faces.


2. smuggle v.t.

走私 (zou3 si1)

例: Smuggling plants into Taiwan is illegal.


3. military adj. /n.

軍隊 (jun1 dui4) 、軍事的 (jun1 shi4 de5)

例: Taiwan's military has an army, navy and an air force.


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