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The Adventures of Kathleen the Great and Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳與害羞馬克歷險記

Meet Kathleen the mouse and Mark the elephant. Kathleen is very brave and likes adventure, but Mark is very shy and scared of many things. But friends stay together, so Mark follows Kathleen wherever she goes. Sometimes they get into some very sticky situations.


Camping Trip 野外露營

“Hey Kathleen, will you help me put up this tent?”

Mark was doing his best to help set up camp, but so far he wasn't doing a very good job.

“Sure, but give me a minute to finish setting up the barbecue,” replied Kathleen.

Mark and Kathleen were on a camping trip in the woods. They had left home in the morning, but the national park was far from home, so it was already starting to get dark. They had to hurry setting up camp.

Kathleen came over and helped Mark finish setting up the tent.

“We should start the campfire soon, Kathleen. I'm a little scared of the dark.” Looking around at all the towering trees, Mark started to feel a bit worried. The trees seemed to lean in on him.

“We'll be fine, Mark.” Kathleen and Mark had a roaring campfire just after dark.

The hum of insects in the background grew steadily louder, and an owl hooted softly somewhere in the distance.

As Mark and Kathleen sat around the fire roasting marshmallows, there was suddenly a loud crash nearby in the darkness.

Mark jumped up and tried to hide behind Kathleen. “Ah! What was that?”

Kathleen squinted, trying to make out the shape in the darkness. “It looks like . . .”

(Jason Cox, staff writer)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. camp n.

營地 (ying2 di4)

例: After you catch a couple of fish, come back to camp.


2. towering adj.

高聳的 (gao1 song3 de5)

例: The towering cliff was home to several eagles' nests.


3. roaring adj.

轟隆的 (hong1 long2 de5)

例: The roaring crowd of baseball fans went wild when they saw Wang Chien-ming.


4. squint v.i.

斜著眼看 (xie2 zhe5 yan3 kan4)

例: Its bad for your eyes to sqint a lot when you read.










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