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Saving water 節約用水

Children wash their hands at Yongjing Park, Taipei.
孩童在台北永靜公園洗手。 (照片:台北時報)


Water is very important to humans — our bodies are about 60 percent water. But 40 percent of people in the world can't get clean drinking water everyday.

In Taiwan we are very lucky. Maybe sometimes we don't stop to think how we use water. The more water we use the more energy we have to use to get more water in our taps.

You can save water everyday by being careful. Every time you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth you use over five litres of water. Turn the tap off and you can save four and a half litres! Turning the tap off while washing your face will help too.

Do you need to let your shower run while the water gets warm? Put a watering can in the bath to catch the extra water. You can use it to water the plants in your home. You will save more than 1,000 litres every month!

Always make sure you turn off taps tightly. A dripping tap uses 86 litres of water a day for nothing. 

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. clean drinking water n.

乾淨的飲用水 (gan1 jing4 de5 yin3 yong4 shui3)

例: Nearly 5,000 children die everyday because they don't have clean drinking water.


2. tightly adj.

緊緊地 (jin2 jin3 di5)

例: Close the lid on your water bottle tightly so that it doesn't spill in your schoolbag.


3. drip v.i. /v.t.

滴下 (di1 xia4)

例: If you have a cold you should carry a handkerchief so that your nose doesn't drip!


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