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Rain falls in love with cyborg girl?! Rain 愛上機器女孩?!

Rain, who will star in Park Chan-wook's first romantic film.
Rain將演出朴贊郁首部浪漫之作。 (照片:法新社)


A South Korean director famous for his tough thrillers has made a romantic comedy which he said he could watch with his 12-year-old daughter. I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay is Park Chan-wook's first romantic feature.

The 43-year-old was aware the movie was very different from his previous work. "Believe it or not, this is a film that I've made," he told journalists. The film is be released nationwide in South Korea on Dec. 7.

Park's previous vengeance trilogy consisted of Old Boy, which won him the 2004 Grand Prix at Cannes, Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. "I intended to make a film that I can enjoy with my daughter, giggling together," he said of his latest work, which stars South Korea's pop idol Rain as the male lead and Lim Soo-Jeong as the female star.

It tells the story of a girl who suffers from a delusion that she is a cyborg. She is locked up in a mental hospital, where she carries batteries to recharge herself. She meets and falls in love with a boy who imagines he can steal people's minds with a machine he invented.

"Mental patients have their own separate worlds. To the eyes of normal people, these are mere illusions, but for the patients themselves these are real, despairing worlds," said Park. "Love is like a space where only two people suffering from the same illusion can meet and exchange," he said.

Rain, 24, has starred in TV dramas, but the film marks his big-screen debut. "Director Park brought out my new character. I didn't know I could do things like this," he said of his role. The film "delivers a message of hope through mental patients, who are more innocent than normal people," he said.(AFP)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. cyborg n.

半機械人 (ban4 ji1 xie4 ren2)

例: Cyborgs are part man, part machine.


2. delusion n.

錯覺 (cuo4 jue2)

例: Ken suffers from the delusion that every girl fancies him.


3. illusion n.

假象 (jia3 xiang4)

例: Often people who think that they see an oasis in the desert find that it was just an illusion.


4. despair v.t./v.i

絕望 (jue2 wang4)

例: Kelly's mom gave her a despairing look as she spilit ketchup down her T-shirt.









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