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Hong Kong singer's victory over Next Media 香港歌手戰勝壹傳媒

Artists gather in support of Gillian Chung in Hong Kong, Aug. 28, 2006.
今年八月二十八日,香港演藝人員齊聚一堂,聲援鍾欣桐。 (照片:美聯社)


A Hong Kong magazine criticized for publishing secretly-shot photographs of a semi-naked pop star has lost its appeal against a court's findings that the article was obscene.

The Obscene Articles Tribunal supported an earlier judgement that the photographs of singer Gillian Chung — one half of the popular duo Twins — published in an August edition of Easy Finder magazine were obscene.

The poor quality pictures, taken while Chung was changing costumes backstage during a concert in Malaysia, showed her bare back and a hint of bra strap.

The article was taken to the tribunal after Hong Kong's media watchdog received a record number of complaints about the pictures.

In last Wednesday's appeal, a panel of one judge and four lay members (ordinary citizens) supported the judgment, describing the article as a planned act of selling sexuality which is corrupting and disgusting.

Chung has said she will sue the magazine, published by Next Media, which also publishes the city's biggest-selling newspaper, the racy tabloid Apple Daily.

The case sparked a furious backlash from celebrities who complained that the city's hungry press had often gone too far. They called for the government to bring in measures to control the behavior of the paparazzi, independent photographers who chase after celebrities to take unauthorized photographs to sell, and their buyers — the tabloids.

People have often complained that Hong Kong's very competitive mass media have dug too deep into people's personal lives while trying to get a story. (AFP)



Today's Words 今天單字

1. obscene adj.

猥褻的 (wei3 xie4 de5)

例: It is wrong to use obscene language around children.


2. tribunal n.

法庭 (fa3 ting2)

例: Al went to an employment tribunal to appeal against his dismissal.


3. racy adj.

色情的 (se4 qing2 de5) ,猥褻的 (wei3 xie4 de5)

例: Late night movies can be quite racy.


4. backlash n.

反彈 (fan3 tan2)

例: The government faced a backlash over its decision to raise income tax.









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