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New Orleans votes to hire watchdog 鈕奧良將組反貪監督隊

Eugene Zeller stands in his home in the US city of New Orleans, which was wrecked by Hurricane Katrina over one year ago.
在美國紐奧良市,尤金•賽勒站在他一年多前遭卡崔娜颶風重創的家園。 (照片:美聯社)


The New Orleans City Council has voted to hire a corruption watchdog to send a message that the US city of New Orleans — with its long and colorful reputation for mishandling money and thievery — can be trusted with the billions of dollars in federal aid pouring in to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

"We have a moral obligation to lead with integrity,'' said City Councilwoman Shelley Midura, who is among those who pushed for the creation of the office of inspector general. "This is something the people are crying for.''

All seven of the council members voted for the proposal on Nov. 2.

The proposal still needs to be approved by Mayor Ray Nagin, and money will be a factor here too. The new office will likely cost this cash-strapped city around US$400,000 (NT$13,167,000) per year.

Harry Connick, a former New Orleans Parish district attorney and father of American actor and singer Harry Connick, Jr said that creating the office of inspector general was like telling policemen and other law enforcers that they are not doing their jobs. He said that the council was basically creating someone who would make matters worse, not better, within the New Orleans goverment.

New Orleans has been burdened for years by many forms of corruption. At least two people have pleaded guilty to being part of a federal investigation of corruption at the city transit authority under Nagin's predecessor, Mayor Marc Morial.

The idea is to have a politically independent office. Anyone employed by the city within the past five years will not be allowed to do the job. (AP)


Today's Words 今天單字

1. watchdog n.

看門狗 (kan1 men2 gou3) ,監督員 (jian1 du1 yuan2)

例: Mike acts like our teacher's watchdog; he tells her whenever someone is doing something bad.


2. integrity n.

正直 (zheng4 zhi2)

例: Many feel that athletes who use steroids hurt the integrity of their sport.


3. burden v.t.

加重擔於 (jia1 zhong4 dan4 yu2)

例: George is burdened by his unemployed brother.


4. predecessor n.

前任 (qian2 ren4),前輩 (qian2 bei4)

例: Tim's predecessor trained him for weeks before letting him take over.









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