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Teddy bears 泰迪熊

A store employee in Tokyo shows off new teddy bears and tiaras.
東京一位店員展示新款泰迪熊與頭冠。 (照片:法新社)


Teddy bears have been around for more than a century. The first teddy bear was made by a German toy maker in 1902, and the story is that the bears were named after US President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

Today, teddy bears can be seen everywhere. Some are made to be children's toys, but others are collectibles, which means that people buy them and take very good care of them because they could be worth a lot of money someday. The teddy bears that children play with are very soft and easy to hug. The collectible bears are not as soft, and they often have arms and legs that can move. Sometimes they even have special clothes!

There have been many famous teddy bears over the years. Two of the most famous ones were Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear. Many books and even movies were made about the adventures of these two bears.

(Emily Shih, Staff Writer)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. century n.

世紀 (shi4 ji4)

例: Trees can live for many centuries.


2. collectible n.

珍藏品 (zhen1 cang2 pin3)

例: Be careful with that doll; it's a collectible, and my mother will be very angry if it gets broken.


3. adventure n.

冒險 (mao4 xian3)

例: My friends and I have had many adventures in the woods near my house.


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