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Taiwan's single Internet users on the rise 台灣單身網路族增多

A happy Taiwanese married couple who met through online dating.
一對透過網路交友相識的台灣佳偶。 (照片:台北時報)


Fifty-three percent of Internet users in Taiwan are single, giving the country's market for online dating services high potential, a Yahoo Kimo official has announced.

The new figure compares with only 40 percent of users who were single in 2003 and 44 percent in 2004, according to Wu Yuan-ju, head of the public relations department of the company, which is the owner of the largest online dating site in Taiwan.

With the population of singles increasing in Taiwan, approximately three quarters of a million out of 1.42 million Internet users in the country are single, Wu said.

She said online dating meets the needs of today's people because of what she described as "their limited living scope" which provides them with little time or opportunity to make new friends. Online dating sites can help them screen and match their date partners.

Meanwhile, surveys indicate that 33 percent of users of online dating sites clearly identify their purpose as finding a girlfriend, boyfriend or marriage partner, Wu noted.

Online dating was once viewed with suspicion by many people and concerns were raised about the safety of meeting strangers first contacted online. One of these concerns was the possiblity of serious deception by one of the two parties. However it appears that people have developed some common sense rules to stay safe — such as meeting in public spaces, and always letting a third party be aware of their whereabouts.

She said Yahoo Kimo will hold a "National Singles Day" activity on Nov. 22 for the fourth consecutive year to create an opportunity for Internet users to meet with real people. A similar activity held last year attracted 600 participants and successfully matched seven pairs of lovers, she added.

Today's Words 今天單字

1. online dating n.

網路交友 (wang3 lu4 jiao1 you3)

例:Sally met her husband through an online dating site.


2. limited adj.

有限的 (you3 xian4 de5)

例: My knowledge of classical Chinese literature is limited.


3. deception n.

欺騙 (qi1 pian4)

例: Con artists are masters of deception.


4. whereabouts n.

行蹤 (xing2 zong1)

例: It is important to let your family be aware of your whereabouts when travelling overseas.


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