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Stuck in the mud! 身陷泥淖

A French motorist is stuck in mud after heavy rains in France.
法國一名駕駛在豪雨後受困於泥推中。 (照片:美聯社)


Have you ever been stuck in mud? If you are stuck in something it means you can't escape. Once you are caught in mud you might need help to get yourself out.

The driver of this car is waiting for someone to come along and help him out of the mud. Often the fire department and an ambulance are sent when someone is stuck in mud as it can be very dangerous.

It can be very difficult to move something once it is stuck in mud. The mud sucks things down like quicksand. Imagine if you were trying to pull a stick out of some mud. It would be very difficult to make it to move.

In English you can describe someone who doesn't like to change or try new things as a stick in the mud. Maybe you want to try out the big new slide at the water park but your friend isn't sure. You might say: "Come on! Don't be an old stick in the mud!" 

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)




英文中,要形容一個人不喜歡改變或嘗試新東西可以說「a stick in the mud」(墨守成規),你可能想要在水上樂園嘗試新的大型滑水道,你朋友卻舉棋不定,你就可以說︰「來嘛!別當個老古板!」


Today's Words 今天單字

1. fire department n.

消防隊 (xiao1 fang2 dui4)

例:His house was on fire so he called the fire department.


2. quicksand n.

流沙 (liu2 sha1)

例: You should always obey signs that warn you to stay away from quicksand.


3. stick n.

棒子 (bang4 zi5)

例: If you rub two sticks together long enough you can create fire.


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