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Germans best at saving energy, survey says 德國人最節省能源

The European Samsung centre of development of domestic appliances opens a new lab.三星在歐洲的家電研發中心開設新實驗室。 (照片:歐新社)


Britain is the least energy-efficient country in Europe, according to an NGO survey of the habits of 5,000 people across the continent published last week.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) found that Germany was the nation most conscious about saving energy. They reported this based on the average number of wasteful acts committed each week. The Germans were followed in order by Spain, France, Italy and Britain.

Germany scored 14, Spain scored 16, France scored 19, Italy scored 25 and the UK scored a very high 32.

EST singled out for criticism the British people's over-dependence on tumble dryers, with 32 percent of them avoiding using a washing line to dry clothes altogether.

Italians are the worst in Europe at remembering to turn off the standby button on electrical appliances — 80 percent do this on a regular basis, according to the trust — while the French are willing to wear a sweater instead of turning up the heating.

Only 16 percent of them turn up the heating at least once a week, the EST said.

It praised the Spanish people for their conscientious use of heating systems, with only 12 percent leaving air-conditioning or heating on when they go out, compared to 28 percent in Britain.

Germans, meanwhile, are virtual paragons of good behavior. Some 78 percent always turn off their car engines when sitting in traffic jams and 60 percent regularly wash their clothes at an economical temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.(AFP)






Today's Words 今天單字

1. criticism n.

評論 (ping2 lun4)

例: If you want to be in show business, get used to hearing a lot of criticism.


2. avoid v.t.

避開 (bi4 kai1)

例: Green tea makes me feel sick, so I avoid drinking it.


3. conscientious adj.

有良心的 (you3 liang2 xin1 de5)

例: This nation needs more conscientious voters.


4. paragon n.

模範 (mo2 fan4)

例: Mother Teresa was a paragon of kindess and virtue.






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