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If wishes were horses,beggars would ride 空想若能成真,就不會有窮人

A horse and rider canter across the stage at the Apassionata horse show.
一匹馬和騎士在愛帕聖納塔馬匹展覽上穿越舞台。 (照片:歐新社)


There is a famous saying in English that comes from an old British proverb. It says, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.”

Beggars are very poor people who have to ask other people for money and food, so having horses would be very good for them. This saying uses this as an example of how easy life would be for people if wishing for something could make it happen. It lets people know that it is not always enough to just wish for something, because wishing really cannot make anything happen. It is telling us that if wishes always came true, then everybody, including beggars, could have anything they wanted.

We know that it is impossible for everybody to always have what they want, so we also know that it does no good to waste time for wishing for things to happen. The better thing to do is go out and get things done yourself.

(Emily Shih, Staff Writer)

這句有名的英文諺語源自英國格言︰「If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride(如果願望能變馬,乞丐也有馬可騎)」。




Today's Words 今天單字

1. famous adj.

出名的 (chu1 ming2 de5)

例: Having people constantly ask to take your picture is a part of being famous.


2. proverb n.

格言 (ge2 yan2)

例: My mother always recites proverbs when she wants to teach me something about life.


3. impossible adj.

不可能的 (bu4 ke3 neng2 de5)

例: It is impossible for people to fly without the help of other materials or machines.


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