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One too many 一個也嫌多

Children dressed as Native Americans celebrate the Encounter of Cultures Day in Costa Rica.
哥斯大黎加的孩童打扮成北美原住民歡慶文化交流日。 (照片:美聯社)


Have you ever tried to play a game where everyone wants to be in charge?

Imagine if everyone in your class decided that he or she wanted to be the teacher. There wouldn't be any students to teach!

In English we have two sayings for this. The first is: “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” This means there are too many people saying what to do and not enough people doing the job. The second is: “Too many cooks spoil the soup.”

Imagine you are cooking soup. You might add a little salt. If other cooks are trying to help you, they might add salt too. That would be too much salt. The soup would taste horrible!

These sayings help us to remember that is best to choose one person to be in charge. 




英文有兩句諺語可形容這個情況,第一句是「Too many chiefs and not enough Indians(酋長多,聽命的印地安人就少)」,表示太多人出意見,動手的人手不足,第二句是「 Too many cooks spoil the soup(廚師太多壞了一鍋湯)」。




Today's Words 今天單字

1. in charge v.ph.

掌控 (zhang3 kong4)

例: Fran is so bossy; she always wants to be in charge.


2. enough adj.

足夠的 (zu2 gou4 de5)

例: I want to buy some cookies, but I don't have enough money.


3. horrible adj.

可怕的 (ke3 pa4 de5)

例: I don't like playing with Zoe; she's always horrible to me.


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