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Sweet potato dresses and pineapple skirts 甘藷裝配鳳梨裙

A model presents the work of Chilean designer Kelgwo at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris in October 2006.
2006年10月的巴黎良心時尚秀中,模特兒展示智利設計師科格沃的作品。 (照片:法新社)


Some of the tastiest fruit and vegetables are no longer just for eating — the ethical fashion industry has decided you should wear them too.

Sweet potatoes and pineapples were among the foods to make their way onto the catwalk of the Ethical Fashion Show, which was held in Paris last week.

Les Racines du Ciel, a small clothing manufacturer based in France, has adapted the traditional Chinese practice of using potatoes to Western clothing styles.

“In China, silk is lacquered with a sweet potato paste and then buried in the ground,” said Natalie Goyette, the company's development director. “Then the silk is rinsed up to 30 times and comes out with a soft off-black color that I find beautiful,” she said.

She was among many fashion professionals to attend the opening night of the show, now in its third year, and was one of more than 60 designers with a stand there.

At another stand, Grace Trance, from San Francisco-based Grace Trance Designs, showed off a skirt made of pina cloth, which is made from the leaves of pineapples.

Another material sharing the ethical spotlight is bamboo, which comes from China and India.

“Bamboo is used by a growing number of designers because it has what industry people call great drape, meaning it fits perfectly on human bodies,” said Summer Rayne Oakes, a fashion consultant from New York.

Ethical fashion falls into two parts: the organic materials used in the clothing, such as cotton, silk, bamboo and hemp, and the work to make the garments, which puts mostly women in fair, healthy and labour-friendly structures in African countries and elsewhere in the developing world.(AFP)


Today's Words 今天單字

1. ethical adj.

道德的 (dao4 de2 de5)

例: It is not ethical to lie, cheat or steal.


2. adapt

採用 (cai3 yong4) ,適應 (shi4 ying4)

例: At first Kathy was nervous about going to college, but she adapted to student life quickly.


3. lacquer v.t.

塗漆 (tu2 qi1)

例: Susie looks strange; her hair is lacquered with so much gel.


4. organic adj.

有機的 (you3 ji1 de5)

例: My mother only lets our family eat organic meat because she thinks it is healthier for us.



法國的小型成衣廠「Les Racines du Ciel」已將中國應用甘藷的傳統方式,如法泡製到西方的時裝款式。








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