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Looks good enough to eat 秀色可餐

Baker Valentyn Shtefano shows off his bride in the wedding dress he made entirely out of cream puffs.
麵包師傅瓦倫汀•席方諾驕傲地牽著他的新娘子,她身上穿的是他完全用奶油泡芙製作的結婚禮服。 (照片:美聯社)


When something is very beautiful, or has a special and interesting design, people sometimes say that it “looks good enough to eat.” The phrase can be used to talk about actual food, but it is now often used to describe things that are not supposed to be eaten, such as people. For example, adults might see a little girl in a really cute princess costume and say, “You are so pretty in that outfit; you look good enough to eat!”

Valentyn Shtefano, a baker in the Ukraine, has taken this saying to a new level. This is a picture of Shtefano with his bride, Viktoriya. She is wearing a very special wedding dress, which he baked for her out of flour, sugar, eggs and caramel. The dress is made out of 1,500 cream puffs and took the baker about two months to complete. It looks good enough to eat -- and the best part is, you really could eat it! (Emily Shih, Staff Writer)

某樣東西很漂亮、或設計特殊有趣時,有時人們可以稱之為「looks good enough to eat」。這個片語可以用來講述真的食物,不過現在通常被用來描述像人這類不能吃的東西。例如,大人看到小女孩穿上可愛的公主裝時,可以說︰「你穿那件衣服好漂亮,秀色可餐!」



Today's Words 今天單字

1. special adj.

特別的 (te4 bie2 de5)

例: We have special plates and bowls that we only use for big holiday parties.


2. describe  v.t.

描述 (miao2 shu4)

例: I don't have time to come to see your new apartment, so could you please just describe it to me?


3. complete   v.t.

完成 (wan2 cheng2)

例: When you complete the first part of the test, turn it in, and then you may start on the second section.


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