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Globe trotting - Uzbekistan 世界走透透:烏茲別克

 Uzbekistan is one of the most historically relevant countries in central Asia. The Silk Road passed through its deserts and cities. It has relics dating back to The Stone Age and a number of religious sites of significance. It is also reputed to be the the land where The 1001 Nights took place.



A closer look 說古論今

Uzbekistan is a curious blend of the ancient and the relatively recent. A former part of the Soviet Union on the one hand, its capital city Tashkent boasts Soviet-style modern architecture and lavish subway stations, some even adorned with chandeliers. On the other hand the Old Town is a charming tangle of narrow winding streets lined with low level mudbrick houses and interspersed with mosques and meddresses. Russian is still widely used alongside the national language, Uzbek.

One of the most amazing things about the country is the sheer variety that it has to offer -- from adventure tours to religious pilgrimages, Uzbekistan seems to have it all. There are sites of religious significance for followers of Buddism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrian (Parsi) existing side by side. You may go skiing in the Tien-Shan Mountains, or trekking across the mountains and valleys of the Hindu Kush. You can ride camels in the desert along the old Silk Road and sleep over in Yurts. You can gaze up at the Milky Way from the middle of the desert or visit the ruins of the ancient Ulug Beg observatory in Samarkand .

The Uzbecs are known for their hospitality and curiousity. Much time is spent socializing in teahouses, called chaikhana, where locals sip tea and set the world right. Trips to the busy bazaars afford a look at the still thriving traditions of haggling and Uzbek cusine.

About Uzbekistan 國家概況

Size: 447,400 km2, about 12 times the size of Taiwan

Location: Central Asia, north of Afganistan.

Borders: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan

Capital: Tashkent

Population: About 27 million.

Languages: Uzbek (national) Russian (defacto)

Government: Republic; authoritarian presidential rule.

Currency: One Som is about NT$0.03, so 1NT$ is about 37 Som面積︰四十四萬七千四百平方公里,約為台灣的十二倍大。











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