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New Dehli orders roundup of monkeys 新德里下令圍捕猴子

A monkey grabs a bag of food off a passerby in northern India.印度北部一隻猴子從路人手中搶走一袋香蕉。 (照片:歐新社)


The Supreme Court in India has ordered wildlife authorities to catch around 300 monkeys that run free in New Dehli, often terrorizing residents, and move them to forests thousands of miles away.

The monkeys will be moved from the capital to the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, and that state's government will receive 2.5 million rupees (NT$1.8 million) from the federal government to cover the cost of their rehabilitation, Hindu reported.

Government buildings, temples and many residential neighborhoods of New Delhi are overrun by the monkeys. They scare passers-by, and sometimes bite or snatch food from unsuspecting visitors.

For years, state animal welfare agencies have tried to clear the capital of the monkeys, but India's Hindus believe that monkeys are the way the monkey god, Hanuman, appears on earth.

Many Hindus feed the monkeys nuts, bread and bananas, encouraging the animals to hang around parks, temples and other public places.

Many monkeys caught by animal handlers in the past have been left to live in cages while the government decides what to do with them. This has made animal rights activists accuse the government of cruelty and say the animals should be rehabilitated.

The Supreme Court ruling started with an application by an animal rights activist saying the animals would die if kept in cages for too long.

Six states in north India have in the past refused to take the New Delhi monkeys, saying they have enough already, the government's counsel told the court.

Court officials were not available to comment.(AP)



Today's Words 今天單字

1. terrorize v.t.

恐嚇 (kong3 he4)

例: “Andy! Stop terrorizing your little brother!”


2. rehabilitation n.

復健 (fu4 jian4)

例: The pop star went to the clinic for rehabilitation.


3. overrun v.t.

侵擾 (qin1 rao3)

例: This house is overrun with mice!


4. unsuspecting adj.

未留心的 (wei4 liu2 xin1 de5)

例: The cat stealthily stalked the unsuspecting mouse.










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