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One night in Paris 巴黎夜未眠

Thousands of people stroll around the center of Paris on Oct. 7 for the "Nuit Blanche."
成千上萬的民眾在巴黎市中心散步,參加十月七日的「夜未眠」活動。 (照片:美聯社)


The people of Paris have never been known for their penchant for going to bed early, but last week they found an extra reason to stay up all night. They were taking in the sights and sounds of “Nuit Blanche”, a lively, spectacular open air contemporary art exhibition set up in six sections of the French capital.

The event is now in its fifth year, and since it began in 2002 has spread to other cities around the world such as Rome and Toronto. This year's theme of multiculturalism celebrated the city's vibrant and varied cultures and attracted a record 1.5 million visitors.

Art fans, armed with cameras and mobile phones, strolled around the exhibition, or rode around on bikes provided by the city, admiring and sometimes even eating the artworks. 90 percent of those works were created just for this event, said Jerome Sans, one of the artistic directors.

Highlights included a Felix Gonzalez-Torres sculpture made out of sweets, which visitors helped themselves to, a Jacob's Ladder by Thierry Dreyfus suspended in the night sky at the national library and, rising out of the shadows in the Eglise Saint-Bernard, a glittering skull made out of kitchen utensils by India's Subodh Gupta.

The event is one of several unusual happenings introduced by the city's go-getting left wing mayor Bertrand Delanoe in an effort to liven up the city's image — at a cost. The “Nuit Blanche,” roughly translated as “All-Nighter,” cost the city 1,115,000 euros (NT$46,614,555), with sponsors contributing another 500,000 euros (NT$20,877,259).(AFP)



Today's Words 今天單字

1. penchant n.

傾向 (qing3 xiang4)

例: Lucy has a penchant for dating shy poets.


2. spectacular adj.

壯觀的 (zhuang4 guan1 de5),美不勝收的 (mei3 bu2 sheng1 shou1 de5)

例: Did you see The Lion King? I thought it was spectacular!


3. vibrant adj.

活躍的 (huo2 yue4 de5)

例: Zora loves that painting because of its vibrant colors.


4. suspended adj.

垂吊的 (chui2 diao4 de5)

例: The mobile is suspended from the ceiling above the baby's crib.




這項活動是野心勃勃的左翼派市長德拉諾致力活化城市形象所推行的幾項特殊活動之一,不惜斥資大手筆。夜未眠計畫的法文Nuit Blanche可概略譯為英文的「All-nighter」,讓巴黎市花了一百一十一萬五千歐元(新台幣四千六百六十一萬四千五百五十五元),另有五十萬歐元(新台幣二千零八十七萬七千二百五十九元)是由贊助者提供。 (法新社/翻譯:賴美君)

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