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Northern Taiwan's volcanos 北台灣的火山

Qixing Mountain, part of the volcanic Datan Mountain Range.大屯火山群中的七星山 (照片:陽明山國家公園管理處提供)


Have you ever been to Yangmingshan National Park? Did you know that many of the mountains there are volcanos?

A volcano is made where a gap in the earth lets out very, very hot melted rock called magma.

When the magma comes out onto the earth it is called lava. Lava can be very thick and run slowly, like honey, or it can be very thin and run quickly, like soda.

There are volcanos all over the world. Not all volcanos look like mountains, but a lot of them do. There are also volcanos under the sea.

It's been 100,000 years since the volcanos in Yangminshan (the Datan Mountains) last let out lava. When this happens it is called an eruption.

The mountains may look peaceful now but there is still a lot happening far underground. Scientists said last week that there is still a lot of magma under the mountains.

Don't worry too much though. The scientists can warn us if an eruption is going to happen. They will know about it because the plants and animals nearby will get sick.

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. volcano n.

火山 (huo3 shan1)

例: There are many volcanos under the sea near Taiwan.


2. magma n.

岩漿 (yan2 jiang1)

例: Magma is extremely hot.


3. lava n.

熔岩 (rong2 yan2)

例: People have seen ash and smoke coming from the volcano, but luckily there hasn't been any sign of lava.


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