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Jackie Chan, coffee man 成龍變身咖啡人

A US company is hoping to put some kick in Jackie Chan's coffee.

Hometown Coffee of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is partnering up with Chan, who is known for his kung fu movies and his corny humor. They plan to open Jackie's Java Co. Ltd, a series of cafes and coffee carts with the martial artist's name on them all across Asia.

Hometown Coffee is supplying the coffee beans. According to Thomas Kazas, Hometown Coffee's president, “The stores are going to be east meets west with some Jackie Chan- type of influence,” he said. “It's going to be (an) upscale, comfortable lifestyle environment.”

Besides supplying coffee beans, Hometown Coffee will be responsible for thinking up drink recipes and menus.

“We're kind of the coffee guys (in the partnership),” said Kazas.

Hometown Coffee has started shipping some beans to Asia, but expects the amount to increase early next year, when the shops are scheduled to begin opening, he said.

“We don't know ... how many stores we can get up and running and how fast we (can) get them up and running,” Kazas said.

The company and Chan's staff in Hong Kong are trying to open stores in Singapore and Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzou.

The chain will be competing with the likes of Starbucks, he said, and it has not been decided whether or not things from Jackie Chan's movies will be displayed at the shops.

Eventually, Kazas said, he hopes to sell Jackie Chan-branded food items to US supermarkets.







Today's Words 今天單字

1. kick n.

強烈的口感 (qiang2 lie4 de5 kou2 gan3)

例: Watch out for the tofu — it's got a little kick to it.


2. corny adj.

陳腐的 (chen2 fu3 de5)

例: Ian has an incredibly corny sense of humor, but Amber laughs anyway.


3. upscale adj.

高檔的 (gao1 dang3 de5)

例: I can't afford to eat at upscale restaurants.


4. ship v.t.

運送 (yun4 song4)

例: I need to ship this package to Australia.








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