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Indian school children swear off liquor 印度學童遠離酒害

A village primary school in central India has started posting an “honor roll” of children who quit drinking homemade liquor in an effort to wean students off drink.

The headmaster appointed to the school, known for its poor test results, found that the children had trouble learning. He quickly found the reason: alcohol.

“When I took over, I found the children were slow to react and learn,” said Sunil Tarkaswar, according to the Indian Express newspaper.

After asking around in the village of Zitapati, Tarkaswar found it was common for many of the children in the largely tribal area of Madhya Pradesh state to drink homemade liquor along with their parents.

“I used to consume some liquor daily before coming to school,” Rahul Dhurve, a fifth-grade student said.

Last year, Tarkaswar and a social worker started a campaign to educate students and their families about the dangers of the drink made from flowers.

The village council issued an appeal to parents not to drink in front of their children. Free uniforms were offered to those who pledged to stop drinking and an honor roll of non-drinkers was posted on the school wall.

“Children don’t even touch liquor now,” said village council head Johari Wadiva.

So far the honor roll displays 39 names. The report did not say how many children went to the school.












1. appoint v.t.

指派 (zhi3 pai4)

例: The mayor appointed a new fire chief for the town.


2. consume v.t.

喝光 (he1 guang1) ,吃完 (chi1 wan2)

例: How can one person consume as much chocolate as you do?


3. appeal n.

訴求 (su4 qiu2)

例: When the country was hit by a huge earthquake, it sent out an appeal for food and medical supplies.


4. pledge v.t.

發誓 (fa1 shi4)

例: The basketball coach made the players pledge to run 5km every morning before school.



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