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New browser halts "hostile governments" 新瀏覽器可防範「敵意政府」

Young men work at computers in an Internet cafe in Beijing.
北京一家網咖內,幾名年輕人正在玩電腦。 (照片:美聯社)


A group calling itself Hacktivismo has launched a Web browser that promises to protect the privacy of Internet surfers from “hostile governments” or “data thieves.”

The Web browser is called Torpark; it's a version of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, but with a few small changes. The new browser lets computer users to travel the Internet in a way that “leaves no tracks behind,” Hacktivismo said.

Hacktivismo's Web site describes it as an international group of hackers, human rights workers, lawyers and artists. The organization says it has its roots in the renowned Texas-based hacker organization called “Cult of the Dead Cow.”

Torpark changes the unique numbers used by Web sites to identify individual computers online every few minutes. This helps to thwart “hostile governments, data thieves” or other trackers, according to Hacktivismo.

For example, someone could go online using a home computer in Ghana and it might appear to Web sites that they were at a university computer in Germany, according to Hacktivismo.

“Torpark continues Hacktivismo's commitment to expanding privacy rights on the Internet. And the best thing is it's free. No one should have to pay for basic human rights, especially the right of privacy,” founder Oxblood Ruffin said.

Torpark also hides computer users' identities from companies providing the Internet services, according to its creator.(AFP)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. launch v.i. /v.t.

推出 (tui1 chu1) ,發起 (fa1 qi3)

例:The celebrity launched a new line of clothing last April.


2. hostile adj.

不友善的 (bu4 you3 shan4 de5) ,懷敵意的 (huai2 di2 yi4 de5)

例: Those two countries don't have great relations, but they aren't hostile to each other.


3. renowned adj.

有名的 (you3 ming2 de5)

例: That woman is a renowned scientist; do you really want to question her?


4. thwart v.t.

阻擾 (zu2 rao3)

例:This rain could thwart our plans for a picnic.





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