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Big bird 大鳥

An Andean condor is let go after doctors helped heal it near Santiago, Chile. 在智利聖地牙哥附近,一隻安地斯禿鷹在接受醫生治療後展翅高飛.


Looking out over the Andes mountains in Peru, you think you see an airplane. But is that really what it is?

In that part of the world, you might have to take out your binoculars to get a closer look. The Andes mountains are home to Andean condor, one of the largest birds in the world. Its wings are up to 310cm from tip to tip, so it is no wonder that these huge birds are sometimes mistaken for small airplanes.

Condors are covered in black feathers, with a ring of white feathers around the bottom of their necks and patches of white feathers on their wings. They only eat animals which are already dead. Larger animals, such as deer and cows, are their food of choice.

Often times, these condors will go for days without eating, and then they will eat a lot of food all at once. Sometimes they eat so much that they cannot lift themselves off the ground to fly!(Emily Shih, Staff Writer)




這些禿鷹往往會有好幾天不吃東西,再一次吃下許多食物。有時候牠們吃太多了,甚至無法飛離地面! (翻譯︰賴美君)


1. binoculars n.

雙筒望遠鏡 (shuang1 tong3 wang4 yuan3 jing4)

例: Our seats for the opera are really far from the stage, so we are bringing our binoculars.


2. mistake sth./sb. for v. phr.

誤認為 (wu4 ren4 wei2)

例: My friend Brad is often mistaken for a basketball player because he is so tall.


3. patch n.

塊 (kuai4)

例: There is a patch of dirt in the middle of the lawn where there is no grass because my dog and I always play there.


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