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Firm wins prize for sending workers home to sleep 送員工回家睡覺的事務所獲獎

A lawmaker takes a nap in Rome.羅馬一名立法委員趴著小歇片刻。 (照片:美聯社)


A law firm that encourages its workers to take a nap if they are tired has won New Zealand's top award for helping employees to balance their work and personal lives.

The government's Equal Employment Opportunities Trust gave the firm Meredith Connell its “work-life balance” award for offering employees flexible work hours to allow employees to keep personal commitments.

One lawyer, Anna Longdill, said she took advantage of the flexible hours to do sports training. She would get out of bed at 4:30am each day and run, swim or cycle for three hours before going to the office.

“After a few weeks of that, it gets to the point where you are hitting (a) brick wall,” Longdill said. “I recall more than one occasion when the boss said, ‘you need to go home, you need to go and sleep.’”

Longdill, 25, said she still spent 50 hours or more a week working, making up the time by working at night from home via remote access to company computers.

Meredith Connell credited the plan for helping cut the rate that its professional staff left the company by 5 percent in the past year.(AP)






梅瑞迪斯康乃爾表示過去一年專業人員的離職率下降了5 %,都得歸功這項計畫。


Today's Words 今天單字

1. firm n.

公司 (gong1 si1)

例: After I graduate college, I'll probably go work at my uncle's firm.


2. flexible adj.

彈性的 (tan2 xing4 de5)

例: We can meet wherever you want; I'm flexible.


3. via prep.

經由 (jing1 you2)

例: I'm flying to Beijing via Hong Kong.


4. remote adj.

偏僻的 (pian1 pi4 de5)

例: The village is so remote that you can't reach it by car.


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