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Bathroom chat upstages President Bush 廁所閒聊搶盡布希總統風采

President Bush gives a speech at a school in New Orleans on the one-year anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina came ashore.卡崔娜風災週年紀念日當天,布希總統在紐奧良一所學校發表演說


Her “loving” husband was treated pretty well, but her ”control freak” of a sister-in-law is probably less pleased, after a CNN anchor left her microphone on while chatting to a colleague in the bathroom.

Viewers who tuned into the edition of Live From ... to watch President George W. Bush in New Orleans instead got to watch the president compete for attention with anchor Kyra Phillips giving a bathroom breakdown of her family.

“My husband is handsome and he is genuinely a loving, you know, no ego ... you know what I’m saying,” Phillips told an unidentified confidante in a bathroom back-and-forth talk that was transmitted live to the nation for over a minute.

When her powder room pal turned to talk of her latest love interest and her mother’s approval ratings, Phillips confided — or so she thought — that her brother was the one she needed to look out for.

“He’s married, three kids, but his wife is just a control freak,” she said.

A CNN official eventually interrupted the bathroom banter.

The network said in a statement it had experienced “audio difficulties” and apologized to viewers ... and the upstaged president. (AFP)


當時收看Live From現場直播節目準備觀賞布希總統在紐奧良演說的觀眾們,看到的卻是布希總統跟在廁所自爆家庭秘辛的主播凱拉?菲利浦爭搶鋒頭的情形。






1. control freak n.

控制慾強的人 (kong4 zhi4 yu4 qiang2 de5 ren2)

例: Lori is such a control freak. Everytime she gets in the kitchen she can’t seem to stop telling everyone what to do.


2. colleague n.

同事 (tong2 shi4)

例: Ben enjoys going to work everyday because he is friends with every one of his colleagues.


3. confidante n.

知心好友 (zhi1 xin1 hao2 you3)

例: Stanley is my most trusted confidante. I tell him everything.


4. transmit v.i. /v.t.

傳送 (chuan2 song4) ,傳染 (chuan2 ran3)

例:It’s very easy to transmit a cold to someone you live with.


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