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Winner decides to enjoy prize while still living 彩金得主決定及時行樂

Lottery winners hold their check in the US state of Missouri.美國密蘇里州的樂透彩得主手持支票。 (照片:美聯社)


A man who took a US$1 million (NT$33 million) lottery ticket out of the trash has reached a legal agreement with the family of the man who claimed he accidentally threw it away.

Edward St. John, 83, agreed to give up US$140,000 (NT$4.6 million) of the winnings because he wanted to enjoy the windfall before he died, his attorney said.

St. John was sued after finding the winning “Hold 'em Poker” scratch ticket in Oct. 2005. He was searching through the trash at a local convenience store for tickets thrown away by other people, something he regularly did.

Kevin Donovan, 49, said he had bought every “Hold 'em Poker” ticket in the store earlier in the day but accidentally threw out the winner. He protested St. John's claim to the winnings before the Massachusetts Lottery Commission. The commission rejected the claim in April, saying that a lottery ticket was like cash, meaning that you only need to have it to prove that it is yours.

Donovan died of a heart attack shortly afterward. His surviving children then challenged the Lottery Commission's decision in court.

St. John's attorney, Scott Ambler, said his client was reluctant to agree to give up some of the money because he believed he deserved the entire prize. But Ambler said that Donovan's case could have been in court for so long that St. John might have died before a decision was made.

“If Mr St. John had passed away before he got a chance to enjoy anything, that would have been the biggest shame of all,” Ambler told a local newspaper.(AP)



聖約翰去年十月發現這張中獎的Hold‘em Poker刮刮樂彩券後便遭人控告。當時他正一如往常地在當地一家便利商店的垃圾堆中翻找被人丟棄的彩券。

Today's Words 今天單字

1. claim v.t.

聲稱 (sheng1 cheng1),要求 (yao1 qiu2)

例: Jim claimed the computer after Kim had finished using it.


2. protest v.i. /v.t.

抗議 (kang4 yi4)

例: The students protested when the teacher gave them extra homework over the holiday weekend.


3. reject v.t.

拒絕 (ju4 jue2) ,否決 (fou3 jue2)

例: Alan won't ask Lily out because he's afraid she'll reject him.


4. reluctant adj.

不情願的 (bu4 qing2 yuan4 de5)

例: I'm reluctant to agree to your plan because all of your past plans have failed.


四十九歲的凱文?唐納凡表示,當天上午他到這家商店買下所有的Hold‘em Poker彩券,卻意外把中獎的彩券丟棄。他在美國麻州彩券委員會前抗議聖約翰的領獎權。今年四月委員會駁回了這項要求,並表示樂透彩券形同現金,彩券持有者即為彩券所有人。




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